Welcome fellow Interweb Traveler

This site is my one little patch of personal space I have acquired on the vast lolcat infested place we call the World Wide Interwebs. If you are brave/foolish enough to peruse this site I have but one warning… There be Dragons!

I also run a small forum, which is mostly dedicated to the KwikSoft Minecraft Community, but there are some general sections. If you can prove to the mighty Captcha that you are not infact a robot sent from the future to destroy all Harlem Shakers, you may post and join our fun community. Click here or here, or here, but not here

If you are looking for KwikSoft Gaming please note that we have taken down the site until we have a clear idea of where we are going with the community. The server is under renovations and will be live when we feel it is ready. More info will be made available on our Facebook page.


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